Blissful Warrior Woman:

A Year of Yoga & Meditation:




Reflecting OnHealth & Happiness


"Health is more than the sum of your physical functions; it is your total sense of satisfaction and happiness about your life. ”


The Blissful Warrior 


What does Yoga & Meditation have to do with health & happiness? 


When most people talk about "health," they focus on ways to preserve the physical body.

But there is a much larger picture.

True health encompasses mental clarity, emotional well-being, and unconditional happiness.

Welcome to A Year that can change your life in a very real and practical way.

You don’t need to be flexible, young, or strong for A Year of Yoga & Meditation.

Right where you are is where you begin.

Take a deep breath.

You are ready for A Year of Yoga & Meditation to invigorate your physical body, restore your mental balance, and deepen your emotional connection to yourself.

Share this Year with a friend or do just for yourself.

To remember who you are.

To remember what you want.

To create sustainable health that begins with feeling good about yourself - and many of us have been out of touch with that feeling for too long...

Now is your time.

Give yourself permission to enjoy this Year; that's how you'll benefit from it most.


“You are liquid love made physical, happiest when you adore this body and allow Source Energy to flow through you.”


The Blissful Warrior 


What can you become?

You're tired of sleepless nights. 

Days of endless "shoulds."

No time for yourself.

No patience for family and friends.

You feel overwhelmed by doing too much, and guilty for not doing enough.

A Year of Yoga & Meditation will not put more tasks on your plate, add any more heaviness to your heart, or trigger any more feelings of unworthiness.

Take a deep breath...feel that?

It feels like balance.

It feels like resilience.

It feels like strength.

It feels natural because it is who you are; all that and more. 


What will you notice in this Year of Yoga & Meditation?

  • Appreciation for your body
  • Clarity in your mind
  • A letting go of stress 
  • Feelings of deep calm
  • A strong sense of self empowerment
  • A reminder of your joy


What will you feel in your body?

  • Ease of movement
  • Increased flexibility
  • Expanded range of motion
  • Relief from physical aches and pains 
  • Rediscovery of your strength 
  • Rebuilding your stamina and energy

How to Begin…

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in yoga, A Year of Yoga & Meditation will meet you where you are and offer what you need.

Yoga for flexilibility strength. 

Meditation for emotional soothing. 

Challenges for developing your resilience

A cumulative deepening of your experience of total health.

And you'll do so with the support of this yoga community and me, through group discussions, personal email and phone consults with me.

This is more than do-it-yourself; it's take this at your own pace, doing as much Yoga & Meditation in the privacy of your home or with others as feels right for you.

You have all the time you need to choose the practice that suits you in every moment:

  • One-minute Yoga Inspirations
  • 10 minutes Yoga Stretch
  • One hour of Deep Yoga for strength and relaxation
  • Blissful Warrior Woman Challenges to change your mindset   
  • Personal guidance, private coaching, a community of yoga support

There is no wrong way to do this.

You get to choose the Blissful Warrior Woman practice that is right you each day.


Who Am I?

I invite you on a journey.

It's January 2020.

I had been practicing and teaching yoga and mindfulness for almost 50 years.

I owned Riverflow Yoga Community and Riverflow Yoga School,  where I certified hot yoga teachers and taught yoga to thousands of students.

 I wrote my first book, The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today’s Empowered Woman, a story of loss, divorce and finding my resilience.

I led annual yoga retreats in Greece and Italy and was preparing the next dates in Florence.

Then, in March 2020, a switch was flipped.

A global pandemic had begun. We didn't know then that everything was about to turn upside down.

Like everyone, I had no idea what to do about it.

So I did yoga.

Yoga had been there for me: through marriage and divorce, childbirth and parenting, job losses and business starts; through the deaths of parents and the ends of friendships.  

Here it was for me again: the lifeline it had always been.

During the next 12 months I shared my yoga practice everyday, online, with everyone.

Unlike the classes I had taught at my studio, the yoga I offered now was unplanned.  I never knew what would arise in the world, or within myself.

I was teaching from instinct.

I shared my feelings along with my yoga poses.

I discussed my hopefulness and moments of total despair.

I rediscovered what I know is timeless:

Movement is medicine.

Breathing is healing. 

Soothing is self-care.

Community can be a comfort.

Who are you?

As I see it, you are innately resilient.

We each have our own personal wisdom and guidance and we can reconnect to it anytime.

It just takes practice.

That's what yoga did for me and for all those I have taught.

Practicing gave me resilience to face the challenges I wrote about in my book, The Blissful Warrior.

In this Year, I share all of these practices and more, with you.

As I write this, there are new global changes.

Undoubtedly we will face new personal challenges.

And new opportunities.

One thing I am certain of:

In order to experience resilience in your life, you must practice it and stabilize before you need it.

Welcome to A Year of Yoga & Meditation, a practice for your physical health, emotional stamina, and resilient spirit. 


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  • Monthly Yoga & Meditation videos: One minute, 10 minutes, one hour
  • Blissful Warrior Woman Challenges
  • Goal setting
  •  Community support
  • The Blissful Warrior: chapter by chapter inspiration



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