“It takes 30 days of deliberate practice to change a habit: just 30 days to pivot towards a new life.” 


The Blissful Warrior

We all want to fix problems fast.

We want to figure things out, find quick solutions, put broken things back together.

Uncertainty feels dangerous.

But what if suddenly your whole world feels uncertain?

How do you manage when things seem beyond your control?

Start with a deep breath.

If you’re feeling broken, blindsided or overwhelmed, physically, mentally, or emotionally, you are not alone.

We've all felt this. I wrote about my own experience in my book, The Blissful Warrior.

How do you regain your balance when life turns upside down? 

How do you remain steady?

Here's what I discovered:

You have to build your resilience muscles before they can be there to support you.


Blissful Warrior Woman:
Radical Resilience



Rhonda Uretzky

Author, Yoga Teacher & Coach

How do you define Resilience?

How do you find your way out of despair?  Step by step, gently and kindly guiding yourself in the direction of relief.”   


The Blissful Warrior


It's more than just the ability to bounce back.

It's the ability to navigate unpredictability.

And radical resilience?

That is a superpower: to see value in every unexpected twist.

In my experience, radical resilience begins by questioning the beliefs that make you feel unworthy.

Releasing the opinions and judgements of even the most well-meaning people and listening for guidance from within yourself.

Most of all, having the willingness to ignore all the "shoulds" that make you feel guilty, wrong, or less than whole.

Resilience takes practice.

You practice learning how to ride the waves of change.

Developing habits of self soothing.

Cultivating an unshakeable well-being.

Knowing you can trust yourself.

Taking self-care seriously.

Acknowledging your needs.

Feeling the call towards bliss.

Take three deep breaths and ask yourself:

  • What if I cared more about feeling good than being right?”
  • “What if I acknowledged what is really my heart's desire? 
  • "What if I prioritized my own self-care?" 


"There is no point looking back to find where you went off track. Start from where you are now."


The Blissful Warrior


Welcome to this path home to yourself:





Self care.

Self awareness.

Deliberate focus.


Welcome To The Blissful Warrior

What does it mean to reconnect to your bliss?


If you're the one who takes care of everyone else,  you might be feeling stuck, overwhelmed or lost right now.

So many of us feel disconnected:

• Workers say they would be willing to take sizable pay cuts for more meaningful jobs.
• Teachers, nurses, caregivers are quitting in record numbers, feeling unappreciated and overburdened.
• Parents are medicating more just to keep up with their endless To Do lists - and still falling behind.


What does it feel like to reconnect to your life?

• Relishing your freedom
• Restoring your passion
• Refueling your energy
• Reimagining your dreams
• Respecting your needs

When you reconnect with who you are, you feel certainty about what you want and clarity about how to move towards it.  


What is The Blissful Warrior? 

The Blissful Warrior is about resilience, reconnection and bliss,  with yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

You get to do this Course your way:

Participate in The Blissful Warrior at your pace, in your time, in all the ways that support your needs. 

Practice with a partner, with my personal coaching, or on your own. There is no wrong way.

You are here, learning to listen for what you need.

Look forward to finding yourself again.

Come as you are; you've already arrived. 


What is The Blissful Warrior Not?

Not Competing: The Blissful Warrior is about you, not comparing yourself to anyone else.

Not Deadlines: Login to The Blissful Warrior when you need to feel resilience, need to reach for an immediate lifeline, or want to feel better in any situation. 

Not FOMO: You won't miss anything; it's all here for you, at your fingertips at all times. You are always welcome in The Blissful Warrior.


The Blissful Warrior isn't just about managing life when it's challenging; it's about reminding you how good life can be, anytime.

Are you ready to become a Warrior for your bliss?

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