“The story of your life begins with you. There is no blame or shame about what you have experienced. There are only choices you make now.”


The Blissful Warrior


A Word from The Creator of The Blissful Warrior

You’ve been called “too sensitive." 

You feel things deeply, maybe more so than others.  You sense when people are in pain, and you want to help. You are even sensitive to your pets, and your surroundings.

You’re exhausted. 

From my 50 years teaching and coaching yoga and mindfulness, I can assure you that you are far from alone: some identify as empaths, but it’s more than that.

We have become a culture of stressed-out people who feel stuck in our overwhelm.

 Finding the “reason” for your stress doesn’t fix it. Because stress is not an outside job; it is an internalized habit.

 Conditions around you may change, but your knee-jerk stress response continues: different places, different faces, same stress response again and again. 

This is good news.

Because changing every outside condition is not possible – even if you could, it would never end. Conditions are always changing - that goes for people in you life and their opinions, too. You just can't please everyone - and if you did, what would be left for you?

Changing your response however, is completely within your power. Allowing your own feelings, acknowledging yourself with patience, compassion and of course, practice. Self-acceptance leads to soothing and then relief...and then your “sensitivity” is turned towards yourself. And that's when it becomes your Superpower. 

 How do you find time and tools to transform your stress?


Welcome to The Blissful Warrior

No matter where you are, The Blissful Warrior will remind you of who you are.